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Legal notices 

Peidara Dvůr s.r.o

Ovesné Kladruby 5
353 01, p. Mariánské Lázně
Česká Republika


Registered with the commercial register of the district court of Plzen
Section C, Insert No. 17427 on 8 June 2005

IČ: 26293182
DIČ: CZ26393182

With respect to all external webpages hyperlinked to this web presentation (including ads): We are not related with these third-parties, hence we hereby claim no responsibility for third-party web content. By visiting these pages you accept this.

Additional notes, copyright, sources

We make our best effort to mark any contributions which are not our intellectual property, including naming the source. Should we, by mistake, forget to mark such contribution (e.g. because we were unable to identify the source), rest assured we apologise and we will add any copyright information as soon as we are made aware of them. All contributions that are intellectual property of Peidara Dvůr s.r.o., or any compilation of these, represent new creative work, that is protected by copyright. Using this work without explicit permission of the copyright holder is strictly prohibited. That includes published photographs which are not to be copied, changed or used in any manner

Photographs: Leander Lehnert